I have been filming since 2006 in more then a dozen of countries. My work include short films, mini documentaries, music videos and corporate promos. 

I also works as a photographer and have done Corporate work, Weddings, Family Portraits, Fashion Portraits and Product Photos.

Lately I have added Aerial Video Production to my skill set. I film with the DJI Magic Pro and are licensed to fly in the USA and Europe.

My Mavic Pro Video Drone is insured for bodily injury and property damage for up to 3 Million Euros.

I film on Canon DSLRs and use Canon, Sigma and Tamron lenses. 
I use Sennheiser microphones for sound.

Video editing is done with Final Cut Pro X.
Photo editing with Adobe Lightroom.

My passion is to tell stories about people around the world. I believe mankind is basically good and people do a lot of wonderful things around the world to make a difference.

I like to capture those people on camera and inspire the viewer to do likewise.

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